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Personal Loans

Personal Loans - Get the money you need now

When life throws extra expenses your way (planned or unplanned), you need the flexibility of a personal loan. A great alternative to credit cards, a personal loan can be used for any of your personal needs such as dream vacations, education expenses, consolidating debt, large purchases or most other lifestyle related purchases. The fastest way to get started is to apply online and get the process started. We welcome the opportunity to help our members with personal loans in Washtenaw county. Call or apply online today!

Personal loan application

Personal Loans at Washtenaw Federal Credit Union

Our goal is to help you find the personal loan that's right for your situation. Our flexible personal loans (also referred to as signature loans) are considered unsecured loans. That is, there is no collateral requirement such as your car, home, or savings account. At Washtenaw Federal Credit Union, we offer two different kinds of personal loans - installment loan and a Line of Credit (LoC). Installment loans allow you to pay off your personal loan monthly over a agreed upon period of time. We also offer a Line of Credit which provides you the funds you need now and you pay back the loan when you no longer need the funds. The funds for this personal loan continue to be available to you until you choose to pay off the loan. This type of personal loan is also often used for overdraft protection.

Installment loans and Lines of Credit are Personal Loans

Our installment loans have a maximum term of 48 months with a maximum loan amount of $10,000. This personal loan has a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments that pay down the loan itself much like a mortgage or an auto loan.

Our Line of Credit loans are provided with no annual fee and have a fixed interest rate The money is there when you need it. The maximum size for a Line of Credit personal loan is $7,500 and the interest payments are based on the balance of the loan at the end of each month. There is no application fee for either of our personal loans, so get started and apply online today!

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