Hello to all our WFCU Members! It’s tax season again…and we don’t need to remind you how stressful this time of year can be. We wanted to offer a few helpful insights that may help guide you through the 2018 tax season.

We know that many of you are expecting a tax refund this year, and we also know that a great deal of you may have already decided on several different ways to spend that refund money. But before you decide on that shiny new car or that vacation to the Bahamas, the money you receive from your tax return could also be used to improve your financial health! Sometimes the best option is simply putting away some of that money into your WFCU savings account or a Certificate of Deposit, where you can earn interest on your balance each month and help protect yourself from unexpected expenses. Just think if your furnace decides to kick the bucket you won’t have to borrow money to replace it! You could also take some of that money and pay down some of your credit cards (especially those ones with the highest interest rates). One other great option may be to put that money into an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), which is a great way to save for the future and for your retirement! Our friendly staff at WFCU would be happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have on these things!

If you’ve decided to use your money on one of the other fun options above thats okay too! We know everyone’s situation is different and sometimes getting your new car, re-doing your kitchen, or buying that new set of living room furniture is just as important. For those things, and all your other needs, we can also help! We offer our members competitive auto loan rates as low as 2.75% APR* with a maximum term of 84 months, no application fee, and same day pre-approval. We also offer our members affordable GAP insurance that covers the life of your auto loan. Members can apply right on our website and we can begin to help get you into that shiny new car you’ve always wanted!

If you’re looking to complete a home improvement project or perhaps take that dream vacation, WFCU also provides competitive home equity loans. Even if you still have a mortgage, our home equity loans provide an opportunity for you to borrow against the equity you have built in your home! WFCU currently offers two different types of home equity loans – a Home Equity Installment Loan and a Home Equity Line of Credit – and both of these options will offer you the funds you need to complete that home improvement project or be on your way to Venice (or perhaps both)! Please visit our website or either of our locations for more information. Our staff is happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have!

Finally, one last tip – if you’re working on your taxes online make sure to take proper security measures. We recommend making sure that you are working on a secured network if you’re online and we also would suggest avoiding public Wi-Fi if possible when doing your taxes online.

We wish you a “stress-free” 2018-tax season (if that’s possible) and please don’t hesitate to reach out to WFCU if you have any questions on any of the products mentioned above. We are here to serve you, our members!

-Your friends at WFCU

*Annual Percentage Rate